A novel internet that makes cutting-edge technology available to all.


The Equanet infrastructure is a new generation of internet protocol built on Blockchain, Distributed Peer-top-eer technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Equanet uses AI to validate the source, legitimacy, accuracy, authenticity, relevance and duplication of information originated and ensures the current flaws and errors of the current internet are not repeated.


The Equanet blockchain called ∑-Chain is a permissioned blockchain which seeks to give legitimate yet digitally marginalised businesses equal and fair visibility online. It is used selectively to enforce the rules of participation, deliver protection to the participants and ensure trade commitments are honoured using distributed ledger.


Equanet operates a distributed decentralised P2P network based on Distributed Hash Tables to deliver the benefits of blockchain without the corresponding bottlenecks and the computational cost, thereby allowing to run blockchain-like application on low processing-power devices like mobile phones.