Imagine a world where the success of a businesses online is not predicated on the size of their marketing budget or tech giants giving them access to a market place. But instead, a world where every business can participate in equal measure in the digital economy and where businesses can self-organise at a regional, country, sector or even group level to create their own trade ecosystems and seek new opportunities globally.

Imagine still that in that world, service buyers are 100% protected and can only procure services from people and organisations whose legitimacy and license to practice is unquestionable.

Welcome to the Equanet paradigm.

Joel Messan


Is a complex technology infrastructure delivery specialist. He has delivered programmes for Newton (Bank of New York Mellon) the Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Life, Ignis (part of HSBC) and the European Union Agro-Industrial Division.

Dr Lamyaa Al-Riyami


Is an expert in deploying data management technology for large-scale Pan-European & global collaborative programmes. She worked on projects funded by the UK Government (DfID), the Welcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

David Dissake


Is an emerging markets technology deployment expert. He helps large companies tailor their technology to their emerging market operations. He was commercial Director for Cashman in West Africa. He is a trained civil engineer.

Blagojche Josifoski

Head of development

Blagojce is a career technical developer. He was a senior developer with T-Mobile Macedonia - Makedonski Telekom AD for 7 years and IT systems integration Associate at the same organisation prior to that. He head the development team at Equanet.

Gabriel Sallah

Head of Blockchain

Gabriel is an expert on Blockchain, AI, Deep learning and large-scale computing. He is Microsoft High Performance Computing Technical lead for the Middle East & Africa, and a member of the Microsoft worldwide Black Belt Team. He was deep computing HTC architect at IBM and Global Grid Architect at Barclays and Standard Chartered Bank.

Corey Clothier

Head of IoT

Corey is an expert on IoT, smart cities and automated mobility. He co-developed the US Army's Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations (ARIBO) programme, which was a featured project of the White House supported Smart America Challenge.

John Maltwood

Head of Relationships

John Maltwood has over 20 years experience as an executive sales specialit coveringReal estate, finance and technology. He is in charge of commercial relations.